THE CHALLENGE How do we drive growth by innovating within the bread category?

OUR SPARK SOLUTION Warburton’s wanted to generate 30 new product ideas. We ran an ideation workshop which sparked over 150! After prioritising the strongest concepts, we brought consumers on board in a series of co-creation workshops that drove the product development process forwards.

THE RESULT Warburton’s launched Square Wraps, a ground-breaking new product which has driven strong top-line growth. Square Wraps have also received industry acclaim, winning New Product of the Year at the Grocer Awards.

“As a result of being so engaged with the project, FreshMinds were able to challenge us at the right times in the right way. Everybody here enjoyed working with them, not only because they were infectiously enthusiastic but also because they were prepared to listen in order to make things work as well as possible.”


THE CHALLENGE How do we craft a cutting-edge premium financial product?

OUR SPOTLIGHT SOLUTION We explored a range of product concepts with Investec’s high net worth customers. Then, using customer insight as the catalyst, we worked in partnership with Investec to develop and refine the product, shape its marketing messaging and make the business case for bringing it to market.

THE RESULT Investec launched Voyage by Investec, a market-leading private bank account. Since launch, Investec has more than doubled the size of its high net worth customer base and the net asset value of its clients has increased tenfold. The account is also multi-award winning, having received both the Money Net award for Best Private Bank Account and the MRS Award for Financial Services.


“Without a doubt the research has influenced every aspect of this innovative product and has continued to guide the product and marketing strategy long after the initial launch.”


THE CHALLENGE How do we create cool video content to engage a younger, more progressive audience?

OUR ELECTRIFY SOLUTION Using a killer combination of social media listening and correlation analysis we unpicked the components that make online video content cool. We then subsequently tested Mazda’s own video content against these elements using a bespoke Cool Matrix.

THE RESULT Mazda’s online video content strategy has been shaped entirely by consumer insight. Everything from the way it briefs its creative agencies to the media spend in each market has been informed by the consumer voice.

“Our work with FreshMinds has been instrumental in shaping our future strategy and has ensured that each and every decision we make is firmly rooted in consumer insight. This approach has increased brand familiarity and enabled us to tap into a new audience, but its true impact is much broader than that: our work with FreshMinds has brought the customer voice to the centre of our business.”


THE CHALLENGE How do we unlock new opportunities for growth within multichannel?

OUR FLOODLIGHT SOLUTION To tackle this multichannel challenge, we crafted a multichannel solution. Insight from online diaries, in-store intercepts and co-creation workshops illuminated changing shopper behaviours and expectations across devices and channels that Tesco could tap into.

THE RESULTS The research has provided a key strategic input for Tesco, impacting significantly on the future of its multichannel proposition, multichannel strategy and feeding into its annual planning process.

“FreshMinds put together a very capable, enthusiastic and responsive team to respond to our brief and manage the project.  They clearly put a lot of thought into the proposal, were collaborative and flexible throughout and delivered thought-provoking output with clear strategic recommendations.”