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Will Web 2.0 transform market research?

Forrester released a report on this issue last week (see here) and their answer is “Yes, but high costs mean that firms with big budgets lead”. This may be true and if it is then it’s more to do with the nature of using online communities for research. They mean building an ongoing relationship with

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How to define innovation

The UK Department of Innovation and Skills (DIUS) has recently released a White Paper on how it could and should invest in innovation (see here). This got me thinking about innovation and what it means. The official government definition of innovation is “the successful exploitation of new ideas”. As with many definitions, this just throws

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Trying to crack down on online survey cheats

Online research is big business, back in 2005 a report from Cambiar predicted that it would account for about 20% of the research-related industry by 2008, and there is little to suggest this isn’t true. But online research can lead to many problems – with no way of checking the true identity of respondents it

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