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Klout coupons for Facebook – will it work?

A new app for Facebook pages will take a user’s Klout score into account before giving them access to certain content. While exclusivity is great for generating publicity, could this tool risk leaving some legitimate fans feeling snubbed? Klout measures activity and influence across Twitter and Facebook, using 25+ metrics, and calculates an overall score

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Michelle Obama’s $2.7Bn Influence

There’s been a great deal of talk this week about influence. It’s been driven (dare I say influcenced) by an article in AdAge by Matt Creamer. He takes a swipe at Justin Beiber (dangerous) and points out that automated social media monitoring tools (or influence trackers) like Klout, need some human analysis and insight to

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Measuring influence in social media

A few weeks ago, I spoke at the Social Media Influence conference in London on a panel discussion how to measure influence in social media. It’s a tricky subject and people tend to fall int two camps: People who are looking to define and then develop a set of quantitative metrics that can be used

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