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Co-creation 5: Community product design

The previous examples we have looked at in this short series on co-creation have involved the brand as the primary instigator and driver of change and innovation. They may allow the user to customise the product they receive (mass customisation), customise the experience right up to the point of delivery (real-time self-service), innovate and co-create

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Co-creation 4: New product co-creation

So far we have looked at two examples of co-creation that change only the customer’s own experience of the product (mass customisation and real-time self-service), and one example where the customer helps to change the way a product is delivered (service redesign). But when many of us talk about co-creation and innovation we think rather

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Co-creation 3: Service redesign

The two examples of co-creation that we have looked at so far in this series have shown how customer and brand can work together to improve the customer’s own experience of the product. Neither mass customisation nor real-time self-service impact on the product experience of other customers. They change the product one time only and

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Co-creation 1: Mass customisation

Mass customisation is at one end of the co-creation spectrum – each product is customised for the particular customer who is purchasing it. Unlike what we often think of as co-creation, the individual customer does not influence the product for others. But they co-create their own product with the brand to deliver a customised version.

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