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A masterclass in public speaking

Jim Collins is out promoting his new book. I have no idea whether the book is any good, but his promotion is first rate. This morning, as I cycled to work, I caught him talking about the book in a BusinessWeek podcast. He’s clearly a phenomenal public speaker and I urge you to download the podcast for a masterclass in

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Most people are above average

Every year thousands of people think they’ve Got Talent or believe they can win The X-Factor. Every year the producers of these shows delight in showing how deluded most contestants are. So why is it that below-average people think they are above-average? Before I get onto the answer I should explain why I am writing

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What did Social Media ever do for us?

I just read a good post by Chris Brogan today called what social media does best. I’m never a big fan of lists, but this is a useful one, making clear some specific benefits of social media (just in case you were wondering – which I know a lot of people are). My top three

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