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Think local, very local

On a LinkedIn discussion about community management, a great comment was made about the importance of understanding foreign cultures when moderating international communities, such as those around football tournaments. Very true. But I would expand it. As a good community manager, and especially as someone with a moderation role, you must think regional. Very regional.

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5. Metrics and reporting – the backbone of understanding your community

Image by Balakov via Flickr We’ve touched on metrics before, and how understanding what you need to measure can help you understand how healthy your online community really is. Metrics are vital. Understanding the who, what, where, why and how many of your online community is vital. Understanding if you’re doing your company some good

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4. Moderation and safety

Image by ian boyd via Flickr Why moderate? “Why moderate?” says Sue John, Online Community Manager at Britishexpats.com. “Well mainly for the benefit of the community. It helps to keep things on topic, keeps information and conversation flowing, helps keep a lid on troublemakers and trolls. [Moderators] help and assist new members by welcoming them

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