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Three financial services providers that are redefining customer centricity

As a phrase, ‘customer centricity’ is somewhat hackneyed. As with much other business jargon there is a risk that no one really understands the meaning of it, let alone how to achieve it. But in a world where digital is empowering consumers, ‘customer centricity’ is far more than just jargon – it should be a

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3 digital learnings from the world of the direct-to-consumer investment market

Digital empowers consumers. Take any industry, any set of products, any consumer group, and it is hard to miss the impact digital technologies are making in giving ‘power to the people’. Social media has given consumers a voice; digital innovators are increasing competition; digital platforms are opening services up to new consumer groups. Historically, financial

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Using digital to encourage competition in retail banking

The need to increase competition in retail banking hit the headlines once again today with Ed Miliband arguing that the UK’s five major banks should be forced to sell off a number of branches to encourage greater competition in the industry. Whilst efforts to increase competition in retail banking will benefit consumers and should be

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Financial institutions – your customers are ready for you to get up close and personal

Financial institutions hold a huge amount of data on their customers. This ranges from demographic information such as age, gender and location, but also more interesting life style information such as which phone provider they are with, whether they go to McDonalds or Burger King most frequently and how much they really spend on shoes

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