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Free bacon at trade shows (SXSW)

Should we give away free stuff on our stand? This question gets asked every time we attend a trade show. After entertaining a little debate I always find myself answering “No. A bowl of Quality Street is not a differentiator and it’s probably not going to attract the right type of person to our stand.”

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Media140 – Social Media in London

Almost every event organsier talks about creating an engaged and involved audience. Sadly it rarely happens. On Thursday I spoke at the Media140, a Social Media Meetup in London. The event was mostly dominated by Social Media agencies and consultants. There was a lively atmosphere, a loud shouty man and most of all, lots of

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Google Wave vs Twitter at conferences

Twitter has quickly become the must-have channel for conference back-chat. Reading what other people tweet during a speech provides an extra dimension as you get a sense of what the audience is thinking. And just like passing notes in class, it’s also a lot more fun than simply sitting and listening. (and empowering – remember

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