“What really set FreshMinds apart is the way they apply their expertise, working with international, multichannel brands like us to give us a profound understanding and support us in complex decision-making on business strategy.”


Once you have developed a prototype, you have a critical opportunity to make sure your proposition is positioned for success before you launch and scale. We use real-world testing (with quantitative validation as required) to give you the detailed insight and data you need. With LASER you can be confident you’ve taken all the necessary steps before launch to ensure your product or service is a sure-fire success.

LASER helps you to:

  • Test and evaluate product prototypes with consumers in real-life environments – be that in-aisle, in-store or in-home
  • Ascertain purchase intent and quantitatively validate products to make the business case for launch
  • Uncover the optimum positioning strategy and communications messaging for your product or service

We also offer a dedicated app optimisation service to help brands test app prototypes directly with consumers and bring insight to the heart of the development process.

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Submersion in-situ

We get prototypes out of the lab and into consumers’ hands. By submersing your prototype in consumers’ lives and observing how your target audience responds we’re able uncover how the product performs in real-life situations. And capture emotional as well as rational responses.

Iteration in action

In-aisle, in-store or in-situ – by testing in the real-world we’re able to quickly identify how best to refine your prototype. Our agile approach, with its emphasis on feedback loops and rapid iteration, strengthens your prototype and gets you further along the route to market, faster and with more confidence.

Validation rooted in reality

Our approach to validation keeps the 3 Evil Cs of standardised testing at bay. By testing purchase intent in real-life situations, we’ve able to avoid the pitfalls of out-of-Context testing and Claimed, re-Called behaviour and ascertain whether consumers will truly purchase your product.