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A content marketing strategy isn’t just about creating more content

Marketers know that, in many industries, brands are becoming publishers – with an increasing need to develop and manage content across different platforms as part of their marketing strategy. We also know that, increasingly, news publishers are getting into the content marketing business. With this focus content strategy, there is a danger brands will feel

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Why more FCA guidance on social media could free up financial services companies to be successful

Marketers in the  financial services industry were expecting the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to issue new guidelines about social media in the first quarter of 2014. But it hasn’t happened yet. The latest rumours we’ve heard suggest July is the earliest we’ll see something published. There’s much speculation about what such guidance could contain. International

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The anonymous social media trend is forcing marketers to innovate to win consumers’ trust

Anonymous social apps are on the rise. A recent rumour that Facebook has offered $100m to purchase Secret, an app allowing users to share messages anonymously, is unconfirmed, but it is a sign that the social network is taking the trend – and people accusing Facebook of intruding into their privacy – seriously. Other signs

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