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Why is the insurance industry plagued with so many failed apps?

The App and Play Stores for insurance are something of a wilderness, littered with failed apps. Often developed in a vacuum. Not joined up with the strategy and marketing teams. Solutions looking for problems that miss all sorts of internal and external marks. Yet insurers have been experimenting with digital for a long time. The

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What can insurance companies learn from Aviva’s approach to behaviour change research?

We are living longer – especially women. We’re not saving enough – especially women and we’re uncertain – especially women. That’s how Lindsay Rix, MD savings and retirement at Aviva UK ended her presentation at last week’s MRS Annual Conference. It’s a challenging environment. Insurance and pensions providers have a tough job. Either they need

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5 brands leading the way with augmented reality

There’s been a great deal of hype in the business world about virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) – but we believe that the real opportunity for research right now lies in AR. It has a huge significance for brands across the globe because it’s an effective way to engage audiences by bringing a

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