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iBeacon-enabled mannequins come to House of Fraser stores

Adoption of iBeacon technology is growing at a phenomenal rate. These intriguing devices, first released only in 2013, function by emitting a low energy Bluetooth signal which triggers a reaction from nearby smartphones with an corresponding app. With possible uses cases ranging from enhancing the customer experience to conducting market research, it’s no surprise that more

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Beyond the hype: The Co-op’s tech-enabled research trolleys

The classic shopping trolley hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced in 1937. But the Co-op is set to change that, having rolled out trolleys fitted with tablets in 33 stores.  As consumers move around the supermarket, the tablet triggers questions on everything from store layout and product ranges through to issues at the

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Agile service development in action: Uber’s on-demand delivery service

This week Uber, the rideshare and taxi app worth a whopping $18.2 billion, announced the launch of Corner Store, a new on-demand delivery service being trailed with a select group of users in Washington DC. Corner Store will enable customers to order a limited range of emergency supplies (from toiletries to medicine) straight to their

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