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Tencent launches China’s first online-only private bank but will this move see long-term success?

The internet giant Tencent (the firm behind the online messaging service WeChat) has recently launched China’s first online private bank, WeBank, in a move that many are predicting will dramatically disrupt the financial industry in China. We have already spoken about Tencent’s innovation within mobile messaging apps in an earlier post. But now Tencent and its

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Agile Innovation Update – January 2015

Each month we bring you the FreshMinds Agile Innovation Update. This month we’re looking at news that Google is to halt sales of Google Glass, the launch of China’s first online-only private bank, research that shows that mobile is now the dominant banking channel, the impact of Black Friday and the new focus on ‘edtech’ companies by

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The 10 most-read FreshMinds blog posts in 2014

On Fridays, we bring you the FreshMinds picks. This week we’re rounding up the 10 most-read posts from the FreshMinds blog in 2014 including our social media listening report, innovation in the food and drink industry and applications of iBeacons. Are you Listening? FreshMinds’ social media listening report In February, we launched our social media

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The Internet of Things – overhyped and premature or an area of opportunity?

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is the talk of the tech community and brands, from Silicon Valley to Silicon Roundabout. Put simply, it’s about devices connecting and communicating relentlessly with each other.  From fridges and washing machines to smoke alarms and TVs, you name it – it’s all getting connected and soon enough you

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