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Agile Innovation Update November 2014

Each month we bring you the FreshMinds Agile Innovation Update. This month we’re looking at biometric authentication for payments, using wearable tech to observe reactions to adverts in real-time, the convergence of online and physical stores and banks looking to invest in innovation. Biometric authentication for payments takes off Apple Pay launched in the US this month, but it

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How can consumer brands use technology to encourage a healthy lifestyle?

Obesity rates in the UK are currently the highest in Europe, and food and drink brands are coming under increasing pressure to play their part in reversing the trend. Governmental regulation has also stepped up with sugar/salt caps, public health campaigns and initiatives to simplify labelling just some of the weapons in its arsenal. But

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Marketers embracing the world of wearable tech

There’s a new way for marketers to understand more about reactions to campaigns – and the answer is on the wrist. UK-based Studio XO has created the XOX Sensory Wristband to provide real-time data on the way adverts are received. The wristbands measure biometrics such as heartbeat, breathing and body temperature. Most recently, the wristband

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