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What’s Hot (In the Mind of a Teenager)

FreshMinds had a recent guest blogger, teenager Kofi Quinnell, who was here on work experience! A lot of our recent projects have been focused on youth and kids, and how to better understand today’s teens, so we figured this was a perfect opportunity to gain some insight. We asked Kofi to tell us “what’s hot”

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5 organisations that embrace the potential of chatbots

A recent FreshMinds report identifies chatbots as one of the four rising tech trends set to transform the insight industry. Explore how popular companies, such as Duolingo, Airbnb, Estée Lauder, KLM and Penny utilise chatbots to drive innovation. 1. Duolingo: education at your fingertips Learning a foreign language can be a daunting experience, but with

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5 examples of brands tapping into voice

FreshMinds’ newest research identifies four rising tech trends set to transform the insight industry. One of these is voice: a burgeoning channel that is reshaping the interaction between individuals and brands. Take a peak below to explore how Vogue, the American Heart Association, Purina, Hellman’s and Canvas are building relationships with consumers, via smart speakers

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