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What will the automotive industry look like in 2025? A Q&A with Volvo’s Andreas Strasser

“Once electric cars have a 500km range and a 30 minute recharge time, we’ll see a changing of the tide in consumers’ attitudes towards electric” says Volvo’s Head of Research and Automotive Strategy, Andreas Strasser. As part of the Market Research Society’s Automotive Research Conference our Head of Automotive Research, Bianca Abulafia, and Account Director,

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How will changes in auto affect the insurance industry? A Q+A with Direct Line’s Dan Freedman

“The winners in this changing landscape will be those that get the customer experience right” says Direct Line’s Dan Freedman We had the chance to chat all things auto at the MRS Automotive Research Conference with a panel of experts including Direct Line’s Director of Motor Development, Dan Freedman. We caught up with him to

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“Trend or faux” – Which trends will influence automotive in the next decade?

Innovation within the automotive industry is advancing a pace. The past 12 months alone have seen the arrival of gesture control, keyless cars and huge investment in driverless vehicles. But how much of this is early stage hype? And which developments will really make their mark on the industry over the next decade? In our “trend

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Agile Innovation Update – July 2016

Every four weeks we scan the best innovation blogs to bring you the FreshMinds Agile Innovation Update of the top stories you need to read each month. This month we’re looking at Unilever’s acquisition of the Dollar Shave Club, the challenger banks readying themselves for launch, Tesla’s vision for the future and the rise and rise of Facebook

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