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Why is the insurance industry plagued with so many failed apps?

The App and Play Stores for insurance are something of a wilderness, littered with failed apps. Often developed in a vacuum. Not joined up with the strategy and marketing teams. Solutions looking for problems that miss all sorts of internal and external marks. Yet insurers have been experimenting with digital for a long time. The

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Five Flavours of Groupthink

I’ve worked with enough product teams now to spot the early signs of groupthink. It’s the mechanism by which a team allows itself to develop and launch bad products – and it’s endemic across all industries. Here’s a beginners guide to spotting the different flavours of groupthink: 1. Groupthink by delusion This is a particularly

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4 lessons from Start Up Weekend that changed my views on innovation & tech

Last weekend I spent 54 hours with total strangers, voluntarily working into the wee hours of the morning, all in the hope of creating a market-beating product consumers had never seen before. The reason behind this madness? Start Up Weekend: an event powered by Google for Entrepreneurs and facilitated by Techstars, which supports wannabe entrepreneurs

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