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7 ways to help safely migrate an online community

With the release of new technologies and applications almost everyday, it’s likely that the demand for migrating online communities to new platforms that feature some of the latest functionality will increase. The migration of an existing online community is, at best, a tricky process for the community manager to lead. Get it right and the

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5 ways to encourage online engagement

It is tempting to focus soley on moderation when discussing online community management, but without driving discussion in the first place, a community manager will have nothing to moderate. Here are five things every community manager should do to encourage discussion in an online community. 1. Use mixed media Using different types of media always

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15 essential articles for online community managers #CMAD

To celebrate the second annual Community Manager Appreciation Day, we’ve brought together 15 essential articles for online community managers and social media managers. From why community managers should get involved with their online community before it is even launched, through how to manage and grow a community, to how to measure the impact you are

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Lack of community management is “a huge missed opportunity for brands”

Brands are learning and applying a more focused and disciplined approaches to their social assets, the November 2010 ComBlu report finds. The “State of online branded communities” report evaluated 241 communities from 78 enterprise level companies in the US and shows that the percentage of brands exhibiting a ‘cohesive strategy’ increased from 20% to 33%.

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