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Ditch the PowerPoint. Inspiration for conveying insights in memorable ways

As an insight professional, it can be an uphill battle to engage senior stakeholders in the findings of research. Time-poor and juggling dozens of other projects, they simply don’t have the bandwidth to take on another 100 slide PowerPoint report. Our industry has always striven to innovate the way we conduct research. So why haven’t

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The market for Amazon Echo: now and next

Since Amazon Echo burst onto the scene in September last year, much has been written about the potential for voice activated smart devices (including by us!) At a recent Media Research Group Members’ Evening we heard a fascinating presentation on this topic from Radioplayer and Radiocentre which explored the current market for these devices as well as

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Five Flavours of Groupthink

I’ve worked with enough product teams now to spot the early signs of groupthink. It’s the mechanism by which a team allows itself to develop and launch bad products – and it’s endemic across all industries. Here’s a beginners guide to spotting the different flavours of groupthink: 1. Groupthink by delusion This is a particularly

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