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Ditch the PowerPoint. Inspiration for conveying insights in memorable ways

As an insight professional, it can be an uphill battle to engage senior stakeholders in the findings of research. Time-poor and juggling dozens of other projects, they simply don’t have the bandwidth to take on another 100 slide PowerPoint report. Our industry has always striven to innovate the way we conduct research. So why haven’t

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Why parents want their kids to fail: learnings from the MRS Kids and Youth Conference

A couple of weeks ago, FreshMinds was invited to speak at the Market Research Society’s Kids and Youth Research Conference about a recent project for BARB (the Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board). This was exciting as the project plunged us into the lives and attitudes of teens and young adults (an area we’ve done a great

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What will the automotive industry look like in 2025? A Q&A with Volvo’s Andreas Strasser

“Once electric cars have a 500km range and a 30 minute recharge time, we’ll see a changing of the tide in consumers’ attitudes towards electric” says Volvo’s Head of Research and Automotive Strategy, Andreas Strasser. As part of the Market Research Society’s Automotive Research Conference our Head of Automotive Research, Bianca Abulafia, and Account Director,

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