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Facial recognition: getting us closer to real behaviour than ever before

In our recently launched research, Tech Trends Transforming The Insight Industry, we explore four tech trends that we believe will reshape our industry by creating new opportunities to understand consumer behaviour. One of the most exciting of these is facial recognition. The technology hit the headlines when Apple began using facial recognition to power Face ID

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AR and VR: Cutting through the hype

There has been huge excitement in the trade press about augmented and virtual reality. But how developed are these trends? In our latest research, Tech Trends Set to Reshape The Insight Industry, we set about cutting through the hype. Augmented reality is already widespread Whilst AR has received much less attention than VR, it’s actually

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The newest tech trend: augmented hearing

A lot of our recent blog posts have been focused on tech trends set to transform the insight industry. Every day, brands are finding innovative ways to engage customers and promote sales. And guess what? We recently identified a new emerging tech trend, augmented hearing, that we think you’ll love! Smart language translating earpiece FreshMinds’

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