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4 trends driving change in the retail banking sector

In the current climate, it isn’t easy for retail banks. Aside from demographic changes and regulatory pressure, low interest rates and digital disruption are creating a world where customer expectations are ever increasing and budgetary constraints continue to bite. Digital disruption is putting pressure on the traditional bank-customer relationship and is moving the customer interaction

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6 fintech players changing the face of global payments

The onset of the digital revolution has facilitated diversification, fragmentation and personalisation of spaces as diverse as media, travel and communications. Through the emergence and popularization of fintech platforms, this process is reshaping the payments space. The emergence of fintech disruptors in the payments space is enabling users to take payments to the next level

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3 fintech firms and 1 established bank leading the way in product personalisation

Product personalisation is a growing and important trend in the world of financial services. This is driven by two key factors.  The first is in big data. Through advances in data analytics platforms,  banks are increasingly able to explore opportunities to tailor their products to individual customers. Secondly, developments in adjacent industries such as online

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6 fintech firms transforming the way consumers invest their money

It is safe to say that, traditionally, wealth management hasn’t been a particularly accessible industry for banking customers. To most even the term ‘wealth management’ brings to mind images of bronzed billionaires sipping champagne on lavish yachts rather than the idea of easily accessible financial services products. Yet these are exactly what many fintech firms are

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