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Morrisons – using social media to turn a crisis into opportunity

The recent horsemeat scandal has highlighted the vital importance of businesses having a solid crisis communications plan, and making sure that social media is integral to this. With all the major supermarkets and food producers active in social channels, it was no surprise that many consumers took to Twitter and Facebook to look for information

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‘Crisis’ is a dirty word – how Femfresh could have handled their social media backlash

In the last few days you might have seen the word vagina bandied about a fair bit online, and not just in the murkier corners of the internet. In the US, Representative Lisa Brown was banned from the House, ostensibly for ‘permissive’ language, after using the word ‘vagina’ in front of the Michigan legislature in

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So you’ve tweeted something you shouldn’t have…what next?

It’s happened to all of us. We think we’re logged into one account, when actually we’re logged into another. We think we’re sending a Direct Message, when actually we’re sending a a message to the world. Or maybe we just don’t think and regret saying something. Whether you’re an individual or a brand, Tweeting something

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