Author Rupert Tottman

6 fintech firms transforming the way consumers invest their money

It is safe to say that, traditionally, wealth management hasn’t been a particularly accessible industry for banking customers. To most even the term ‘wealth management’ brings to mind images of bronzed billionaires sipping champagne on lavish yachts rather than the idea of easily accessible financial services products. Yet these are exactly what many fintech firms are

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5 fintech firms reshaping lending and financing

This month, we’re exploring some of the most disruptive fintech firms changing the face of banking. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be looking at the 25 most influential fintech firms across retail banking, payments, investments and lending, the secrets of their success and the implications they raise for traditional banking players. To kick off, we’re looking at

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Emotion Quantified: How Hollywood is getting to the heart of consumer behaviour

From loyalty programmes to advertising, eliciting emotional responses in customers has become the new Holy Grail for companies of every stripe hoping to develop a competitive edge over their rivals. Whilst companies such as Apple have managed to develop this kind of mass emotional attachment to their brand with unparalleled success, others have struggled. The

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