Author Emma Muckersie

5 top tips for telling a great story

Storytelling is an essential skill for any insight or innovation professional to master. But how do you tell stories in a way that makes them memorable and really resonate? Our Client Services Director, Iain Carruthers, shares his top tips in this short video. Take a look.

The market for Amazon Echo: now and next

Since Amazon Echo burst onto the scene in September last year, much has been written about the potential for voice activated smart devices (including by us!) At a recent Media Research Group Members’ Evening we heard a fascinating presentation on this topic from Radioplayer and Radiocentre which explored the current market for these devices as well as

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Beyond the stars: why celebrity endoresement isn’t the silver bullet for marketing to teens

In our latest research report, Teens in 2017, we sought to understand the relationship between teens and brands. The outlook was pretty bleak. We uncovered a fundamental disconnect between teenagers and brands, with over half of teenagers (56%) saying that they are fed up with brands stereotyping young people. So how can brands address this fundamental

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