Author Caroline Plumb

Banishing ‘The 3 Evil Cs of Bias’ with the help of passive tracking

As insight professionals, we are all aware of some of the biases inherent in the more traditional research methodologies, which we at FreshMinds like to call ‘The 3 Evil Cs of Bias’. All too often research is conducted out-of-Context, is reliant on respondents’ ability to accurately reCall their behaviour and seeks to understand Claimed rather

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3D printing: the accelerator for new product development

This week my daughter turns 6 and I’ve spent my evenings frantically trying to find out where I can buy a personalised cake. But on my travels I came across something much more exciting – personalised, 3D printed sweets! German company Katjes Fassin, which produces a range of gummy sweets, is set to bring 3D

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The market research industry needs to change. Here’s why.

Last week I spoke at the Market Research Summit in London about where I see the industry heading. I’ll be as honest with you here as I was on the day – the market research industry needs a fundamental shake-up. Why? Because business is changing at a dramatic rate and if we want to help

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