Our app optimisation service helps brands maximise the uptake, revenue and conversion of their apps.

By placing consumer insight at the heart of the development process we can:

  • Identify the pain points associated with the current app and discover unmet needs
  • Co-create new feature sets and flows for the app with consumers
  • Visually prototype the new UX
  • Test and validate with consumers in our dedicated UX facility. These sessions can be streamed to your team anywhere in the world.
We work as an extension of your product team

We work at speed integrating with your product team and taking you from insight to ideation to initial prototype in three rapid sprints.

We develop prototypes helping you to engage and inspire your stakeholders and test concepts with consumers.

We give you an activation strategy and a design principles playbook both packed with recommendations to make your app shine.

What our clients say

From Mazda to O2, we’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands to help them create, develop and refine their digital offerings. Most recently, we partnered with Just Eat, helping them reinvent the ratings and reviews system within their app. Hear their story:

“Increasingly agility is becoming part of the research process. The old days of taking six months to a year to iterate and come up with product recommendations are gone and I see this as happening both in qual and quant research. There are a number of disruptors … and I see FreshMinds taking this in the qual space”.

Rufus Weston, Head of Insight, Just Eat.

Want to know more?

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