What will teenagers spend their money on in 2017?

In February, FreshMinds launched Teens in 2017, a new piece of research designed to help brands to better understand and connect with today’s teenagers, powered by Acumen.

As part of the research, we sought to understand teenagers’ spending plans for the year ahead. So what did we uncover?

We found that teenagers predict that a significant proportion of their budget will be spent on non-essentials and impulse buys in the coming year. Three quarters of teens plan to spend money on clothes, whilst eating out and music are other key areas where they expect to spend money.

But not all of their spending will be frivolous: half of teenagers concede that groceries will be a key area of expense in the coming year.

Want to know more about teenagers and what brands can do to better appeal to this age group? Download our report, Teens in 2017.