What are teenagers’ priorities for 2017?

In February, FreshMinds launched Teens in 2017, a new report designed to help brands to better understand and connect with today’s teenagers. The report is based on a piece of our own research with 500 16 – 19 year olds, powered by Acumen.

The research busted many of the stereotypes associated with teenagers, particularly when it came to their priorities for the year ahead.

Much has been written about the altruism of the younger generation and their desire to contribute to society as a whole. But in actual fact, our research revealed that teenagers’ priorities for 2017 are primarily focused on their own lives and futures.

Doing well in exams and getting a part-time job are teenagers’ top two priorities for the year ahead, whilst exercising more, getting fit and improving their diet are also important.  In contrast, more altruistic goals such as finding ways to contribute to society or becoming more active and engaged in the local community weren’t considered to be priorities.

Of course, teens want to enjoy themselves too. Having fun and making more friends also feature in teenagers’ plans for the year ahead.

Want to know more about teenagers and what brands can do to better appeal to this age group? Download our report, Teens in 2017.