25 Photosharing apps (a list in development)

Ever since our campaign with Topshop where we used photosharing app Instagram we’ve become obsessed with photosharing apps, so we thought it would be interesting to collate a list of current photosharing apps that are available on the market and how they enable you to share photos.

Much like our list of social media management tools wiki, this is an ongoing project, so if you know of any others please let us know so we can add them to the list.

Application Device Free? Filters? Sharing options (aside from within the app itself)
AroundShare iPhone Y N Flickr, Twitter, Google, WordPress
Burstn iPhone Y Y Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
Camera360 Android Y Y Facebook, Twitter
DailyBooth iPhone/Android Y N
Diptic iPhone N Y Facebook, Twitter, Posterous
FilckFolio Android N N Flickr
Flickr iPhone Y N Flickr
FX Camera Android Y Y Facebook, Twitter
Hipstamatic iPhone N Y Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr
Instagram iPhone Y Y Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous
KyteProducer iPhone/Android Y N Facebook, Myspace
Path iPhone Y Y Facebook
PhanFare iPhone/Android Y Y Facebook
PhotoRocket iPhone/Android Y N Flickr, Twitter
Photoshop Exp. iPhone/Android Y Y Facebook, Twitter
Photovine iphone Y N
PicPlz iPhone/Android Y Y Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Posterous
PixelPipe iPhone Y N Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress
Plixi iPhone/Android Y N Facebook, Twitter
Posterous iPhone/Android Y N Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Posterous
Shutterfly iPhone/Android Y N
Snapfish iPhone/Android Y N Facebook, Twitter
Streamzoo iPhone/Android Y Y Facebook, Twitter
Tumblr iPhone/Android Y N Tumblr
Twitxr iPhone Y N Twitter

Other fun apps with no photosharing options include:

  • Tiltshift (iphone): use the Tilt-shift technique to brings objects located near and far into focus. It allows you to focus in on a specific part of the photo, while blurring the surrounding image.
  • Camerabag – (iphone): has 8 different filter effects which you can apply to your photos.
  • Comic touch -(iphone): add comic speech bubbles to your photographs.
  • Picoli – (iphone): brighten; sharpen and apply multiple filters to you photographs.
  • Pano – (iphone): Select or take a few consecutive pictures which Pano will then stitch together to create a panorama photograph.
  • Blurb – (iphone): Create stories using photos, videos and audio sourced from mobile devices.
  • Night camera – (iphone/Android): helps you make your night photographs less blurry, more sharpened and more precise.
  • PhotoCalc – (iphone/Android): not a photo taking app; it enables you to calculate the correct exposure and flash settings.

Apps added since the list was published:

  • Mobypicture – shoot and share on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, WordPress, Hyves and more. Available on iphone, android, blackberry and Nokia.