Mobile provider 3 launch “Live Shop”

Mobile phone provider 3 has just launched the “3 Live Shop” in Sweden to blend the convenience of shopping online with the knowledge and personal experience gained through an in-store visit.

It’s the next evolution of the sales “live chat” that can often be found in online retail spaces, taking the most up-to-date information from a web store, giving it a human face, and displaying it in an easy to understand manner for the customer.

3 has put a lot of thought into the experience for staff and has tried to make it as natural as possible to drag, scale and adjust the auto-populated content that appears.

From a customer perspective, the user can have multiple options on screen so you can clearly see the difference between products and services. You log on, choose your input method (webcam, microphone or text) and have a real customer service representative respond to your needs there and then. The staff are competent, well trained and the introduction is carefully scripted to help ensure that the customer heads down the correct path as quickly as possible.

This culminates in the customers being more informed, with a better, faster service, so sales won’t be lost because the staff weren’t up-to date on the latest phones, plans and options, couldn’t cross sell, or it took too much time and effort for customers to head to the store.

The video below explains in more detail and gives a run through of the process behind getting the 3 Live Shop working:

3 from B-Reel & B-Reel Films on Vimeo.