Monthly March, 2011

3 ways Facebook ‘Questions’ feature can help your brand

Facebook has recently added “Questions” to its list of features. Facebook Questions has the potential to be a valuable market research and engagement tool because: The interface is nicer than the Facebook Polls application. You can pay for Facebook advertising for your Questions (via the URL), which could provide a significant, targeted response for market

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How can retailers use online content to engage customers in-store?

Retailers are increasingly using digital signage to engage their customers in-store. According to a survey conducted by Point of Purchase Advertising International (POPAI), more than 46,000 stores are now using digital signage, compared with just 12,500 in 2007. This figure is expected to rise to 58,000 by the end of this year. Clearly retailers are

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Facebook the peacemaker

A great deal has been written about social media’s role in the recent Middle East uprisings. This week Mark Zuckerberg alluded to a second, equally-important, role as a bridge that connects people accross political or religous divides. The chart below comes from Launched in 2009, Peace on Facebook hopes to play a part in

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Coca-Cola cut ad spend by 6.6% and invest more in social media

The Grocer recently published its Top 100 advertisers report and showed that Coca-Cola cut ad spend by 6.6% in 2010 and invested more in social media. A spokeswoman at Coca-Cola said that while TV is still an important medium from promoting their brands,”many of our recent advertising campaigns and promotions have also utilised online facilities

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