Using Twitter for the wrong reasons

Check out the tag lineI just read about the Twitter plans of DiGiorno Pizza in the US. It’s a perfect example of getting over-excited about social media and putting the technology before the strategy.

Here’s a brand with the tagline “it’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” and yet in order to create some Twitter Buzz they are planning to “deliver” pizza to influential Tweeters.

Is there a better example of fogetting brand values and the brand message for the sake of a quick bit of buzz?

They talk about building engagement, yet if they’re really after online engagment they ought to be thinking about sustainable conversations and relationships. Not one-off Tweetups.

I’m all for trying out Social Media and giving things a go, but this is so clearly off-message that I can’t believe it’s been thought through. It’s stinks of¬†traditional PR/ad agency thinking applied online.