Top 10 UK Marketing Blogs

Top 20 UK Social Media BlogsIn my last post, I mentioned that we were delighted to have made the top 20 of UK Marketing Blogs. I also listed and reviewed the blogs ranked 11-20.

Below is the list of the Top 10 UK Marketing Blogs.  At the end of this post is a useful link. It lets you subscribe to a single feed (or email) that pulls out only the best posts from the Top 20 list.

UKs Top Social Media and Marketing blogs

  1. Russell davies – of the Godin style, Russell delivers a wide ranging mix of interesting annecdotes, tips and thoughts. Covering interactive marketing and much else besdies.
  2. David Airey – David is a self-employed graphic designer from N.Ireland based in Scotland. His excellent blog covers all manner of graphic and logo design topics.
  3. Chris Garrett on New Media – Chris has focus on blogging and social media. This is a great blog to follow with many practical tips on imporving your web presence and social media impact.
  4. – Neville brings a PR and Media Communications background to business, technology and social media issues. He also published a regular podcast: For Immediate Release
  5. Blogstorm – The UKs top Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) blog. Great if you’re interested in social media’s impact on SEO. Patrick Altoft, who writes Blogstorm, clearly gets around. He also contributes to the next blog in our list …
  6. E-consultancy’s Internet Marketing Blog – E-consultancy is well established as the UKs leading publisher and events company dedicated to all things internet. They have a good range of bloggers covering topics like: e-commerce, online advertising, social networks & online communities and search marketing.
  7. Talent imitates, genius steals
    – Faris is Chief Technology Strategist at Mcann in NYC. So he brings an advertising and branding bent to this excellent blog. OK, so you spotted he’s in NYC, not the UK. But he’s a Brit and if you doubt that (and you’re new to Social Media) then this Slidecast of his is well worth a listen
  8. adliterate“dedicated to providing radical thinking for the brand advice business” I think that means advertising. The blog covers the future of advertsing and the marketing communications industries. It’s a favourite of bloggers, I often notice it at the top of blogrolls. And it’s well worth cheking out this blog showcasing the new T-mobile advert
  9. Crackunit – This is Ian Tait’s blog. In his spare time he co-founded Poke, one of London’s top digital agencies . Crackunit covers “the space between the Web and Advertsing”. Favourite post? I guess it has to be Donk
  10. Only Dead Fish – Neil Power Perkin is Director of Marketing and Strategy at IPC Media. Neil says his blog is“mostly about advertising, social media, communications, with a healthy dose of culture and design. And the odd post on chickens.”

repeated from my last post:

Get the UKs top marketing blogs in one feed

Just in case you want it, I have created an RSS feed that combines the best posts from this list of Top 20 UK Marketing Blogs. Here’s the feed. Or subscribe by email.

I’ve used PostRank to pull out only great feeds from a blog. 10-20% of the posts from each blog make it into the great category. So you won’t get snowed under.

Ranking the top UK Marketing blogs

I have used the ranking from AdAge. It’s the best ranking I am aware of. But there is no perfect measure of best blogs. Are there any blogs you think ought to be on the list that aren’t?