Building for the future – Generation Y and change at work and on the web

I have worked a lot in the past with Education clients, especially with organisations who were trying to ammend their offering to prepare learners for the jobs they might be doing in 5, 10 or 20 years. It was an interesting time and I learnt a lot. One fact that struck me was that the role of education is to prepare people for jobs that don’t yet exist.

I was reminded this week when I was thinking about Generation Y and how they are changing the web (I posted about this before) and the world of work. To some extent Generation Y is having a significant impact on both of these. The way they are plugged in, value peer opinions, don’t see TV as the main medium and their social consciousness (amongst other things) means that they are changing the way they want to use the web and the way they want to work.

Another way to look at this situation is that the web and work are adapting to meet the changing needs of Generation Y. A narrow distinction, but a difference nonetheless. Perhaps it’s the case that rather than being the driving agents of change, change is happening to meet their needs.

This then reminded me of a presentation I saw last year. This is the UK version of a presentation originally developed by Karl Fisch. It was presented by Microsoft at a Building Schools for the Future conference in London – a conference about the scheme that is rebuilding all British schools to prepare them to deliver the changing needs of learners.

I think the presentation shows clearly (and quite powerfully) that change in a variety of arenas means that the environment people  are now growing up in is different. If Generation Y has changed the way we work and use the web, then the next Generation is going to face even bigger changes and will have to adapt and adopt to meet these. Generation Y has changed the way we work and use the web. The real push should be to change the way we learn too.

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