YouTube top 10 brands

The guys organising the Social Media Influence conference in London next month (at which I’m speaking) have pulled together a list of the top ten brands and looked at their presence on YouTube. They used Business Week rankings and then looked for the most popular videos for each of these firms. See their posts and the videos here and here.

There are some great videos in the list, but it’s a quick analysis shows something interesting. Of the ten videos in the list:

  • six are either made or commissioned by the brand itself. These all portray a positive brand image
  • four are not controlled by the brand. Only one of these portrays a positive brand image

What is interesting here is that those brands who are actively controlling their image through social media are broadly speaking allowing a positive image of themselves to spread. The most popular videos on YouTube of them are by them and are positive. Those not as active in social media suffer from a more negative brand image.

Thanks must go to my colleague Jeannie at FreshMinds Research – these thoughts are mainly her’s. And just for amusement my favourite videos from the list are below.

Controlled by the brand

Unilever and Dove Evolution produced a great advert that quickly became viral and was copied by Greenpeace recently in their campaign to make Unilever change their palm oil sourcing policies.

Not controlled by the brand

Microsoft and a parody of their Surface advert which is just very funny.